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The Future Of Cybersecurity Is Engineered By Us

History and Development

Cybertrigo is a cybersecurity and web development company founded in Sweden . It is staffed by a team of tier one cyber security specialists with global experience, dedicated to providing secure, trusted, and integrated cyber protection services to government agencies and businesses alike. Cybertrigo offers a complete portfolio of cyber security solutions with all our work being underpinned by industry leading intelligence, research and development.

Protected Security Is a GAME CHANGER In The Cybersecurity Space

- If you ask a CEO, how would they evaluate their status of risk exposure to cybersecurity and what are they doing as key elements, it’s piecemeal. The CEO would probably struggle. And that’s what we got, that others didn’t.


Fundamentally changing how digital risk is managed

Cyber security has always been measured in subjective siloes. With the growing sophistication of cyber attacks, cybersecurity through generic red-amber-green heat maps is not enough. We are at the epicentre of solving this problem through our enterprise-wide, objective, unified and real-time cyber risk strategies.


Our mission is to hunt threats

The Future Of Cybersecurity

New level of cybersecurity engineering.

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The Future of Cybersecurity

New level of cybersecurity engineering.

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