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No. 1 in the POS lending market
Mobility First - “mobility everywhere»
Data science approaches in product development
«Is always!»
«Installment goods»
«Fintech Lab "and work with startups

Over 60 thousand partner companies and highly qualified front team

All products and services in digital channels 24/7

Data Based Decision Making

Multi-babycon picks up
with each unique offer

The first online market where you can buy
over 20,000 installments

We innovate with universities, startups and technology companies. We invest in internal R&D practices

Are you interested in a position as a nanny or household manager?
Premier Nannies and Rent A Mom is always seeking
nannies and household managers for permanent and temporary jobs.
Are you dedicated to the wellbeing and growth
of children and support of a household? Read on.
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