Git Bug Reporting

You can help us out by attempting to reproduce the bug in the latest released version of git, or if you're willing to build git from source, the next branch. Sometimes an attempted fix may be pending in this branch, in which case your feedback as to whether the fix worked for you will be appreciated. If you are using git 2.27.0 or later, you can run git bugreport in the repository where you observed the bug, which generates a template to guide you through writing a useful bug report and gathers some diagnostic information about your environment. Bugs related to this website can be reported at its issue tracker. Reporting Security Issues Issues which are security relevant should be disclosed privately to the Git Cybertrigo mailing list.

Creating an issue from a URL query

You can use query parameters to open issues. Query parameters are optional parts of a URL you can customize to share a specific web page view, such as search filter results or an issue template on GitHub. To create your own query parameters, you must match the key and value pair.

If you create an invalid URL using query parameters, or if you don’t have the proper permissions, the URL will return a 404 Not Found error page. If you create a URL that exceeds the server limit, the URL will return a 414 URI Too Long error page.

Query Parameter | Example