A secure device is a reliable device

Vanir is built for smartphones, tablets, and wearables at the software stage. Vanir consists of overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protects your applications security on the internet and much more.

Browse silent
Lets you browse the Web anonymously so your online privacy is protected from being tracked by online advertisers and other companies.
Device administration
Vanir system administrator writes a device admin app that enforces remote/local device security policies. These policies could be hard-coded into the app, or the app could dynamically fetch policies from a third-party server. [OBS!] To uninstall Vanir, users need to first unregister the app as an administrator.
Vanir DNS proxy
Vanir DNS proxy implements DNS proxying. You should create a DNS proxy provider if you want to take responsibility for resolving all DNS queries on the system. Typically this involves forwarding the queries in a way that improves performance, reliability or security.
Zero DNS Hijacking
Have you ever typed a wrong URL into your browser only to be met with an ISP-owned search page? The domain you tried to visit, ads you click, and the searches you do can all be collected by your ISP for any number of nefarious purposes. You can stop this behavior with Vanir servers, which lets DNS work the way it was meant to: in your control.
Vanir setup
Get Vanir up and running in your device quickly and easy.
Anti DNS spoofing

With Anti DNS spoofing, we aren’t looking to capture traffic necessarily, in the sense of grabbing an existing conversation. Instead, we are looking to get a target to come to systems under our control for specific requests for maximum security.

Defence of Vanir
One of the objectives of a defense in depth approach is to delay the attacker or adversary. The goal isn’t to prevent the adversary from getting in, necessarily. It’s to cause delays. It’s also to, ideally, create artifacts along the way. When a defense in depth strategy is used, as an adversary moves through the layers of the network, they leave traces
Cyber auditing
On Vanir, auditing is a security function. It relates to success or failure of system events. This can include success or failure of reaching bridges, for example, or access to files on the system.
Vanir inspection
One of the biggest issues when it comes to firewalls is that they allow known services through. A firewall will allow connections to a web server through. This means attack traffic to the web server will just be let through the firewall.
Open source world with Vanir
Become a developer of Vanir and take advantage of your future and much more.